Lambda(λ) switchboard



Switchboard with preassembled units and of standardized parts. MCCBs/ELCBs are plug-on type offering flexible and easy-to-modify system.
Two types, Low-Voltage and Medium-Voltage, are provided.

Low-Voltage unit (Sub Board)

  • Applicable MCCBs or ELCBs are 2/3/4 wires, 50AF to600AF
  • Easy detachable/attachable MCCB or ELCB
  • 3000A/unit max. capacity of bus bar and transformer capacity is 1000kVAfor 3-phase and 500kVA for single phase.
  • 1000kVAfor 3-phase and 500kVA for single phase transformer capacity.
  • Flexibility
  • Easy plug-in MCCB or ELCB, . Modification done with no change of PCB nor Bus bar.
  • Units can be installed in any type of cabinet
  • Cable entry on any of right ,left, bottom or top side, depending on units/parts layout inside the panel.
  • Safety and easy maintenance
  • Churitsu unique rotary live part covers installed on MCCBs or ELCBs.
  • Whole front area covered by rotary door reassures the safety
  • Front access maintenance such as Megger test
  • Cable connection from front side.
  • Short Delivery
  • Cabinet size selected from number of units and cabling space.
  • Number of MCCBs or ELCBs easily determined by selection-table
  • Production starts as soon as transformer capacity and number of units are fixed
  • Off-the-shelf units in storage.
  • Cabinet and units are simultaneously produced.

Medium-Voltage units (for Main power inlet Board)

  • Unit integrates meter, distribution and other devices necessary for 6kV incoming.
  • Units match to any type of cabinet

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