PDU panel


(PDU is abbreviation of Power Distribution Unit)

AC Power system for data center

Transformer specification

Type Dry epoxy-molded Primary voltage 425-R415-405(V)
Heat resistance Class F Secondary voltage R182-105(V)
Max. temperature 95 degK Connection
Phase 3 or 4 phase %IZ Less than 6%
Frequency 50/60(Hz) K-Factor 13
Rated capacity 150(kVA) Inrush current ratio More than 1
Applicable regulation UL1561/JEC-220-1995 Shield Double


Energy saving by lower temperature rise of class F transformer
Compact size; 28% smaller than conventional panel
High-speed Hybrid power switching system of M-DT and
Instruments with disconnection terminals enable easy maintenance
Flexible design to meet end-user requirements

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