Cubicle type Medium-Voltage sub station



Standard Materials ready in storage
Standard materials are stocked to respond to any request.
Free composition
Width, depth and number of cabinets are selectable and variety of main breaker, either in-door type or outdoor type are applicable
Rigid panel body by fully bolt-joint structure
All parts are assembled by bolts and realizes same or even higher strength than welding structure.
Safe wiring work
Wires and units are installed with enough spaces and maintenance is performed with higher safety
High ventilation for stable heat control
Inlet on four sides and exhaust under top roof enable good ventilation and keep temperature low leading to enhancement of equipment life.
Live part cover for safety
Both Medium-Voltage and low-voltage live parts are covered by such as transparent front cover.
Water protection
Exhaust outlet located under the roof cover and protection design for water-protected enclosure.

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