DC distribution panel


DC Power system for data center


Input Current capacity
(MCCB capacity)
400AT 2 lines
with MCCB trip alarm
Arrester DC48V,Discharge current 4kA
Inlet Cable size
325mm2 x2 Top entry
Branch circuits Current capacity(MCCB capacity) 50AT MCCB trip alarm
Number of circuits 40
Output cable size 38m㎡ Top entry
Alarm MCCB trip Red lamp on front door 2 External signals
Overload Orange lamp on front door 2 External signals
Capacitor failure (UP fuse blown) Red lamp on front door 2 External signals
Alarm test Push button test for MCB trip and overload
Capacitor box Capacity 100,000μFx2
Structure Drawable
Quantity 1
Monitoring circuit Total current and voltage measurement of main circuit Analog output
4 to 20mA


Easy maintenance and exchange work

Capacitor box is drawable and spare slot enable preventive maintenance and exchange of capacitor box easy in case of capacitor deterioration.

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