Industry-Government-Academy joint project

Churitsu has entered in biotechnology area starting on 1999 by the joint project with Professor Ishiura of Nagoya national university genetic engineering experimental center by developing "BL samples handling system".

We, hereafter, have participated in several projects with Japan Science and Technology Agency , a notional organization, under the support of the said genetic engineering experimental center.

Furthermore, we have developed systems for Aichi Science and Technology Foundation by the joint development with the genetic center.

Example of development

Bioluminescence measurement instrument:Sequentially measuring the luminescence of the samples.

High-sensitivity bioluminescence measurement instrument

  • Measuring luminescence of samples on 24-well-plate.
  • Equipped with new high-sensitivity photomultiplier tube by Hamamatsu Photonics.
96-well-plate CL96
96-well-plate CL96
Analyzing software
Analyzing software

High throughput bioluminescence measurement instrument