Corporate Policy


Churitsu Electric has been taking the role of providing power distribution and control systems in Industries and social facilities, adapting itself to changes in technology and in environment.
Furthermore, Churitsu Electric is proceeding to new area such as Biotechnology,Environmental business and Power storage.

Basic Policy

Aiming "leader of Power distribution systems", Churitsu is paying attention to improvement of technology and quality of products and of the ability of employees. Building a firm base of business, Churitsu realizes "High-quality", "Best service","On-time delivery" and "Cost effectiveness" , offering highest performance systems in industry.

Quality Policy

Improve customer satisfaction by responding to customers' voices.
Set goals in each section and check the progress.
Making "Kaizen" activities in every process and improve the quality..

Environment policy

Churitsu is heading for the growth as a member of recycling society doing design and production based on the laws and rules.
Set goals, applying environmental management system and promote continuous improvement.
Contribute to culture of electricity and to prevention of pollution by saving energy and resources.